Battery-powered Car drives 600 KM through Germany without recharging

A new milestone for Electric Vehicles was set by German Battery Developer “DBM Energie” and their “Lekker Car”. Based on a standard Audi A2 production car, the vehicle stunned reporters when the CEO of DBM drove nonstop from Munich to Berlin, using only the power of the Lithium-Metall-Polymer-Batteries that his Company developed. Their Energy density […]

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President Obama announces 2 Billion Dollars for Solar Power

In his weekly address on the Radio and Internet, President Barack Obama announced $1.85 billion in loan guarantees to Abengoa Solar Inc. and Abound Solar Inc. to fund the building of huge sun-powered facilities. They are supposed to create thousands of new jobs and help the U.S. transition to a “clean energy economy”. Abengoa will […]

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Germanys First Offshore Wind Farm is Formally Commissioned

Alpha Ventus, Germany’s first offshore wind farm, has been formally commissioned and went online today. From now on, the rotors of twelve wind turbines will send 220 gigawatt hours of energy from the North Sea to the German mainland, enough to power 50,000 households. In the coming years more giant offshore wind farms are expected […]

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Better Place has collected Orders for 45.000 Electric Cars

Silicon Valley ET-startup Better Place has signed deals with 92 corporate fleet owners in Israel, in which they commit to replacing their conventional cars with electric vehicles as leasing contracts end. From 2011 on, 45.000 cars will be replaced with electric cars, many of them made by Renault in Turkey. In order to ascertain the […]

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Nine European Countries plan huge Renewable Energy Grid

The German Newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” has revealed a plan by nine Northern-European Countries to invest billions into a new Energy Grid that should transport Renewable Energy across the Continent. Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Danmark plan to exchange Renewable Energy in order to compensate for fluctuations in their Renewable Energy […]

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Panasonic plans home-use lithium-ion storage cell

Fumio Otsubo, president of Panasonic, announced that the Company plans to market a storage battery for home use, which can store sufficient electricity for about one week of use in a typical household. It is inteded to be combined with energy technology such as solar cells that can generate power but can’t store electricity, making […]

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Swimming Bacteria power Micromachines

Collaboration of scientists from Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University led to a surprising discovery: swimming bacteria can power microscopic gears or gear assemblies that are millions of times more massive than themselves. Rotation of the gears can be controlled by the amount of oxygen available to the bacteria. The discovery demonstrates how microscopic swimming […]

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Personalized Solar Energy for every Home

A new report about the “Chemistry of Personalized Solar Energy” by Daniel G. Nocera of the Department of Chemistry describes an inexpensive method for solar energy storage that could help power homes and plug-in cars in the future while helping keep the environment clean. By capturing and storing solar energy at the individual or home […]

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Ultracapacitor Buses run on quick charge Batteries

In Shanghai 17 municipal buses runs entirely on ultracapacitor batteries that are charged up during their route at designated bus stops. Without recharging the buses could only go 3 to 5 miles, but the ultracapacitors allow them to charge rapidly. Even if the batteries are completely empty the bus has to stop only for a […]

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Lightweight Battery made from Algae

Albert Mihranyan of Uppsala University in Sweden and his colleagues have built a battery that is lightweight and thin like paper. It is based on algal cellulose which fibres are wispier than common cellulose extracted from trees. This provides greater surface area and thus allows it to store more electric charge.

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